AW (Tony) Scott - King Hunter
Tony Scott is also director of Get Smart Travel
Australian artist and consultant Tony Scott is CEO of Get Smart Travel and Consulting Executive to the Connoisseur Club
AW (Tony) Scott was born in Sydney, Australia. After many years as a corporate sales & marketing executive in the Sydney advertising industry, he removed himself from life in the fast lane - gaining a Diploma of Fine Arts from the Hunter Institute of Art & Design and establishing his own creative marketing consultancy.

Tony now lives and works at his studio on the shores of Lake Munmorah on the Central Coast of New South Wales where he combines his passions for creating art and music with his consulting practice marketing creative design and print solutions.

Tony's artwork is distinctive with its crisp bright colours and compact composition. Exhibiting regularly, he works mainly in acrylic and also in watercolour and mixed media.

He continues to explore his musical influences, writing and playing his own brand of 70s & 80s influenced rock music with friends and fellow artistic escapees.

With a love of international travel and of painting scenes from locations he visits, his short videos record many of his favourite galleries, museums and locations around the world.
Tony Scott is an Australian artist and rock musician with his band King Hunter
Tony Scott is familiar with the art collections of most of Europe's leading Museums and Galleries including the Tate Modern in London. Above, Andy Warhol's Self Portrait
About the Artist
As an Artist and Consultant, AW (Tony) Scott specialises in modern European and Australian art and is familiar with the collections in most of the major galleries and museums in Europe.
The Art and Music of
AW (Tony) Scott
As a Musician & Songwriter, AW (Tony) Scott creates a unique type of rock music which has been described as Australian post punk.

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